Costumes for Students

Students are responsible for obtaining their own costume items. Chorus will wear theirs the nights of the performance. Cast will need to bring them to school to be approved and maintained until after the performances. Mr. Phillips supplies Black “Crew” shirts for the technical crew to borrow. Otherwise crew wears black or dark parts, socks and shoes. Please see the “Costume Suggestions” for details about your character’s costume needs.

The Jeffco Costume Shop is located at 809 Quail Street, Building #1, Lakewood 80215 and is open from 1:00 – 5:00 on the following Mondays and Thursdays before the musical:

Students are welcome to check out costume items from the Costume Shop just like they would check out a book from the library. We ask that all borrowed items are return as soon after the play as possible for other students to use. Mr. Phillips also has a limited supply of shoes, pants, knickers, dresses, vest, ties and coats in at Mitchell. Let him know it you are not able to find what you need at the Costume Shop. If you are not able to arrange a ride to the costume shop, let Mr. Phillips know and he can pick items up for you. If you have the items at home that you need to create your costume, feel free to do that.