5th Grade Musical

Costume suggestions for the 5th Grade Musical – Honk!

Performance is January 17th and 18th at Golden HS 7PM

Dear Students and Parents,

            Here are some suggestions for all 5th grade students to prepare their costume for the 5th Grade musical. My hope is that no one will need to spend money on a costume unless they choose to. Feel free to use anything that students already have that fits the descriptions below. I would like all chorus members to wear their costumes to the performance. Cast members will need to bring their costumes to school Golden HS January 15th, 16th or 17th so they can be organized and prepared for the performance. Please take all costumes home after the performance. Return items borrowed from the costume shop the following week.

Technical Crew – Black or dark pants and shoes for dress rehearsal January for the evening performances. Tech Crew will be provided with a black “Crew” shirt for them to wear. Please return Crew shirts to Mitchell after the last performance.

Chorus – Blue jeans with athletic shoes and a plain green, yellow or orange shirt.

Swans – Dress in all white as much as possible, dress shoes, nicer clothes with some type of button down shirt preferred. (Penny, Mother, Father, Bewick)

Geese – Khaki pants, boots, button down shirt, bomber jacket, colorful scarf, flight cap, goggles. (Greylag, Dot, Barnacles, Pink Foot, Snowy, Goose Squadron)

Bullfrog – Green pants, green shirt with yellow spots, large glasses

Frogletts (all) – Green leggings, green shirt, athletic shoes, Mr. Phillips will provide hats

Farmer – Plaid shirt, overalls, boots, plain, ball cap

Jay Bird – Dress like a reporter, fedora hat with “Press” sign

Camera Crew – Jeans, button down shirts, boots “Press” vests provided

Ducklings – Onesies, orange socks, Orange hats are provided

Cat - Cat ears and tail, leggings and furry sweater in cat colors with ballet type slippers and/or see Jeffco Costume Shop

Ugly – White tuxedo, (see costume shop) grey baggy sweat pants and shirt to fit over tuxedo. White athletic shoes

Turkey – Brown pants and shoes, red shirt, Turkey vest and head piece, see Jeffco Costume Shop

Drake – Dark grey pants and shoes with white belt, brown shirt and cowboy hat.

Henrietta, Maureen and Grace – Leggings with yellow or orange skirt, light colored shirt and contrasting boa.

Ida – Leggings / orange socks with multi-color skirt, light colored shirt and yellow or orange boa.

All characters may find costume parts at the Jeffco Costume Shop

The Jeffco Costume Shop - 303-982-2292, 809 Quail Street, Bldg. #1, Lakewood, CO 80215

Costumes are available for loan to the students of Jeffco Public Schools at no charge.

Hours are 1:00 – 5:00 Monday and Thursday afternoons. Students will have 8 opportunities before the play to visit the costume shop; November 26th and 29th December 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th and January 10th and 14th.

The costume shop will have a list of costume needs for all of the named cast members.

If visiting the costume shop will be a hardship or you have other questions, please call me at (303) 982-5860.

Parents who are interested in volunteering to help with performances can sign up through the link below:

Sign up genius - 

Thank you,

Mr. Phillips