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Our Mission

The Mitchell Elementary School community provides an environment in which all children will learn and succeed.

Promises to Students

  1. I promise to pay attention to who you are and respect what you bring with you to the classroom.
  2. I promise to keep out of your way, so that you can take on the work of learning and enjoy the fruits of learning for yourself.
  3. I promise to provide you with a physically and psychologically safe learning environment.
  4. I promise to listen to the feedback you give me verbally, non-verbally, and in your work, and use this feedback to do a better job of meeting your needs.
  5. I promise to keep trying until together, we figure out the best way to help you learn.
  6. I promise to do all I can to set you up to succeed.
  7. I promise to help you learn from your mistakes and show you how to get better at learning.
  8. I promise to carefully choose the work I give you so that it clearly increases your understanding and proficiency, and doesn’t encumber you with meaningless rote exercises that do little to help you learn.
  9. I promise to provide you with challenging and engaging instruction that stretches you to within but at the outer limits of your ability. In this way, I will help you grow as a learner.
  10. I promise to learn alongside you.

Source: Robyn Jackson (2015)

Unified Improvement Plan

Unified improvement planning is part of the Colorado Department of Education’s accountability measures to ensure student growth as well as aid schools in managing their performance. To support this purpose, the Education Accountability Act of 2009 requires each Colorado district and school to create an annual improvement plan.

Schools engage with stakeholders to analyze data and gather input to formulate the plan for the school year. Once plans are submitted, they can be publicly viewed on the Colorado Department of Education’s website. 

View Mitchell’s Unified Improvement Plan

Acronyms Used at Mitchell Elementary

Golden Articulation Area

Jeffco Public Schools is divided into 17 articulation areas that provide assigned schools for each neighborhood.

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A to Z Guide

View Mitchell Elementary School programs and other offerings listed A through Z.

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Regular attendance is crucial to student success. Review Jeffco’s attendance policies and procedures. 

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Bell Schedule

Access the Mitchell Elementary School daily bell schedule.

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Stay up to date on Mitchell Elementary School events, activities and other happenings. Plus, view the school year calendar.

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Get contact information for Mitchell Elementary School faculty and staff.

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Dress Code

Mitchell Elementary School follows Jeffco’s guidelines for appropriate student dress.

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Inclement Weather

Weather can impact school-day operations. View Jeffco’s inclement weather policies and procedures.

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Meet the Principal

Get to know Mitchell Elementary School’s school leader.

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The safety and well-being of students and staff is Mitchell Elementary School’s top priority.

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Student & Family Handbook

The student & family handbook outlines policies, procedures and student expectations.

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Why Should You Attend Mitchell Elementary School?

Learn more about what Mitchell Elementary School offers and why you should attend.

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